Friday, November 7, 2008


gastric gastric plz go away ~~~
it's 23.26 now , and u knw , my enemy ( gastric ) came to find me since 2.00pm !!
2.00 !!!! how many hours d ? 9 hours !!!! going to be 10 !
just now sivik paper , 1 hour , i went to bilike kebajikan afda half an hour , it's reli reli reli pain !!!
reli cant stand anymore , thought of going back to home , but still gt chem and phy paper 1 at d life is abt exam ? no !!! go away !

and my stomach nvr feel better but worse..
just now force to eat..
mana tau !!
worse and worse......
the feeling of full and pain is reli suffering...
didnt to consult a doctor...
bcz of some prob.

they r always lidat...
always quarrell bcz of tat prob.
i wonder , is it so important ? it's just a paper !!!!
i hate it !!!
it makes no harmony !
i wonder.....
the paper is more important or me ?

no mood+no mood ~~~

stupid virus , plz stay away from me !


někdo said...

Proč jste nikdy mi řekni, také

huimei said...

protože se cítím tak, že se ashame . T.T >.<

někdo said...

Ich verstehe, aufheitern...
lächeln la... =)

huimei said...

warum u ändern Sie Ihren Namen?
from .. to někdo ( i knw the meaning ) ?? XD
duhh ~~