Tuesday, November 11, 2008

fern leaf

fern leaf .. moooo ~~~~
yea. it's a brand of the milk , i am sure u all knw .
felt so hungry ..
was planned to cook mee or order mcd.
but end up , i drank milk.XD
the milk is for 1 year old + eh babiiiii , but hehehhe ..dont care la.
it taste nice and ' cute'.
nt tat i sua pa , nvr drk milk , but 4gt to drink for a long time d..
so the taste is....yummmy !!

but i wonder , does it contain melamine ?
i think it doesnt ?
who cares..
as long as it's nice right ? XD
melamine pollymer. o.O


YingTan said...

ms chemistry blur,
the pic u post is not melamine polymer. It's melamine, the compound.
Grey are N
Blue are C
White are H.
Small amt of melamine wont cause an adult like u die lar..
u thought ur physical is as small as baby? XD

Ying Tan said...
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huimei said...

i knw u r studying CHEMICAL INDUSTRY ... very gao liao..going to study ur PHD!
but u knw at , i am just a f4 student , just started to learn chem for 11 months..so it must be okay for me to do this mistake..plus i hate chem , my chem suck..XP

kc said...

is she going to create new melamine that is harmful to adults? hahaha
melamine polymer is a lot of melamine bah?but melamine no double bond leh...how polymer?

huimei said...

haiz...i search tat in google...they wrote melamine polymer below the pic...so i just copy..T.T

YingTan said...

if i were to invent 1, that should not be call melamine anymore.. XD
huh? no double bond? u didnt see that circle in that aromatic ring?
= 3 double bonds leh..

hm: zhen shi de. o.O

kc said...

0.o dat means triple bond?i dunno...
haha...tot is wat structure lai

YingTan said...

triple bond and 3 double bonds sound same? o.O

the compound is like a benzene ring. a ring with 3 delocalise double bonds.

u need help in chemistry or not? XD