Friday, November 21, 2008

pulao pangkor trip ( day 1)

we reached the lumut jetty at around 1pm..
after tat , off to ate KFC ..
u knw wat , we ate until over time , so we have to wait for another 45 minutes..ROLF
so , we the vain took some photos

finally , the ship arrived..
the ppl there were like so no budaya..haha !! everyone was rushing for the places..
oh , we spot the door , so we went out , and yeah !! the sea breeze was so comfortable ! but a lil bit sticky.
there was a lil slide , we took a video . LMAO !

ying xiu n i sang :" i believe i can fly , i believe i can youch the sky !

crowd* but those are primary sch students..
after 45 minutes , we reached our resort ? teacher checked in , so we took some photos again.
trying to act shy. *blush

oh ~ u see ! everyone was taking photo..haha !
after 'throwing' our bags , we went to swimming..

*i'm way too shy to take this sexy photo..hahah !!
after swimming , we toook photos again .. in our penthouse.

dinner time..
miss chin n miss ong were so kind ! they prepared everything for us and we were playing around..haha ! BAH BAH BAH ~
tomyam steam boat isnt enough , so we hv cup noodle..=D

ying xiu did a MAGIC...that is...her milo can fuse in cold water..
then , went to see 'blue tears' 蓝眼泪'..saw the blue light ? yea , teacher said it's soluble salt .. only lucky one , we were the lucky batch !haha !!
and and...we ate burger again...tat indian hv gt 种族歧视 .. wait for 40 minutes ..
craped with tat indian , i said :" ada apa special ? saya mau daging tambah ikan boleh ?? mau lebih hangus" .. *vomit they laughed like hell..haha !! they said he's my husband..duhh ~~
afterall , the burger is's worth to wait for.haha .. LOLX!
that's all for day 1..
stary stary night , i was a lil bit scare of wooooo ~ .. ROLF !!! BAH ~


nekdo said...

geng...summore do steamboat...ours one wont be so cooperative eh... all more shiok

huimei said...

of coz la...hahaha !!