Monday, November 24, 2008

holiday holiday , go away

holiday is good ?
holiday is nice ?
holiday is fun ?
NO !
holiday is bored to dead !
i have been staring at my dekstop for how many hours ald ?
besides , what can i do ??
maybe watch some drama.. but there r no new drama to watch.. *sob
hang out ?
but sister is not in , friends are working , huimei dun hv license.
ohhh. i stay at home 24 hours..dun even walk ! my life is abt eat , sleep , nap , staring at d pc , tv , reading other's blog, sleep ,sing and syok sendiri, pc , pc , tv !!!

okay...mayb i should go to play tennis with chin tee. heee..but my racket is still with my ah sir.
okay...mayb i should ask weixi , peiwen , chailing , huiyi them for TAO..(yea , i must ask them later ! )
okay...maby u should ask theresa , yingqi , and others for redbox and movie.. (yea ,theresa did say ! well , i will ask later !)
okay...mayb i should listen to my teacher's advice, revise my f4 syllabus..(wat the hell ? i am sick of book ! but mayb i should..)
okay...mayb i should ask my sister for shopping..(yea , i can!)
okay...mayb i should go to exercise..(yeah !! i am abt to grow fat soon ! eat sleep eat slee
without exercise,i should go for jogging , swimming , badminton , gym ) yeah !! badminton n gym with weixi , swimming with nee , wei lun , lilian , jogging with ? =X )
okay...mayb i should ask for a job.(u see , my friends r working , it seems not so boring rite ?)
okay...mayb i should go KL with theresa and yingqi , yeah !! yingqi !! i will go to support u !! love u lot !! )

wei xi on9 !!!! and she asked for hang out as i just wanna asked her !!! WEI XI I LOVE YOU !!
YEAH !!!!
i am going to shopping , talk , and crap..guys , u will never know how girls talk ! ahaha..
we should manage our time couldnt buy time.

1 comment:

kc said...

lol?tot last year u went to pesta there to work rite?
but holidays r really shiok....
after 1 more day of suffering...
im gonna luan luan lepak...