Tuesday, November 18, 2008

bye ~ miss you

roslin / roswin..
she's my previous pj teacher..
at the 1st , everyone hates her including me because she is super fierce.
after that , i found that actually she is 'act fierce'
so i started to make her 大会原型..
i had been vyer crazy until she ......
ps: i am a 1st potential crazy people okay..

then , she started to lost control everytime when she saw me.
everytime she entered our class , she will lost control too..
so must class is the 1st class to say that she's good.

everytime , when i saw her , i will called her : ros yang merah !
ps: due to she always wore the red dress..duh..
and i did say that she's orang yang lain planet..
haha...she will reply :" yea la , i am orang mars " .. XD
and we can crap like my friends..
say watever i like to say just dont care that she's my teacher , i treat her as my friend actually,
and she said me 'siao cha bor' sometimes..hahah !! she wanna show off she knws hokkien mah.
she knws the rowrd 'so-hai' too..dono ehich theacher taught her those ..

and we do send mail ...
so here is the mail she replied me :

Helloo...saya bukan merah la...hmm i got transfer cause i ask for it.since my husband stay at negeri sembilan so i must folow him.I canot stay alone here...susahlah.anyway kalau u nak tanya pasal bm u can call me or sms or mail me..i will try to help.ok all the best for spm next year and don be playful anymore..ok i miss u too and all otehr student.take care and keep in touch.byee thanks alot for ur mail.i also will send u mail if i got interesthng mail.ok bye.

uhhh ~~~~~~~
*tears drop*
i miss her a lot.!~


kc said...

geng ar u....talk lidat to ur teacher...i tot shes chinese at 1st..

huimei said...

haha..hey , she's my friend.. Lol

kc said...

yao yeng oso la...
our school got one..last time our est teacher...they keep play her nia...LOL
but malay lai