Wednesday, November 5, 2008

obama obama obama !

obama won !!!!
hooray !!!
my sis n i had been staring at d statistic at yahoo this morning.
we were like...very nervous.
lol ..
duh ~ we r malaysian ok..
but it's related .. =)
bcz the economy of USA may affect every country.
hope he's good.

-he's handsome
-he's young
-he looks good
-he looks kind
-he looks responsible.
the 1st black president ! =D


Anonymous said...

hes black... xD

YingTan said...

what is this?

he is handsome
he is young
he looks good
he looks kind
he looks responsible

omg this is not related with the quality of a good leader la!!


huimei said...

ying : i suka...

anonymous : you are ?