Saturday, November 22, 2008

pulao pangkor trip ( day 3)

last day trip..
went to gua tempurung..
before that , chaw yeh took a pic..------chaw yeh and her detective cap.cheeeese.

there are 4 choices..we chose 3rd , thought of 4th , but some of them did not we went for 3rd..(4th is the most adventurous 1 ,3rd is the 2nd most)
afterall it's still okay..

the cave is very dark or should i say no light at all ? yea!
so we hv to use a torchlight.
it seems like we did a lot of exercise too... squard and stand , crawl? , climb , slide..
and u knw wat , some holes are so small until we hv to lay on the ground to go over and the ground is river-like..means there are water , oh god ~~
and also , there are mud..sooooo....we were like buffalo ( buffalo plays in mud )
and according to zhen lin, she said it contains bat's fecal..eww ~~
but it's such a precious experience.
and we'll did have strong perseverance.
because there r lotsa stairs , up and down , up and down......@.@
finally , we saw light , we were sooo so so happy !
that's the 1st time i love sunlight.!

and i am glad tat i am a 21th century's people..
i wonder how primitive people stay in a cave.
it's like a horrible scary place to us but to them , it's a warmth home sweet home..duh ~
so there r some photos of the superwoman.!

a scene at gua's so relaxing..

theresa , yingqi , huimei , yeeching , mode(szeyun) , ying xiu the superwoman

ying qi and my dirty shirt

after tat , we went to the 老黄芽菜鸡..the famous chicken rice shop in ipoh..
yeah ! no doubt , the chicken rice is really delicious. =d
but i hate bean sprouts ... i was like ...ate...a lot..haha !! i was way too hungry ald. wahaha..
'shopping' time.
went to buy the local products of ipoh..
i spent RM13.50 , which is quite okay compare to xin tze..
she bought a lot !and we spot this cutie food:

piggie ! i think it looks like jia yun !! many ppl agreed ! i gave jia yun this pig..haha

see ! the monkey has got ... LOL!
well ..last photo for the trip cheeesee!

a single photo took a sweet memory saved and yet the happiness might be felt.

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