Friday, November 21, 2008

pulao pangkor trip ( day 2)

we woke up at around 6.30am ..*yawn
then off to island tour ..
wah , the wind vy cool ~

1st destination : dutch fort
the design is quite nice .. they plant tree in the shape , and if u look down further , it will hv the shape , anyway , we dun see any due to they din plant the tree anymore.

theresa said these are temenggung..haha !
3 big butt
2nd destination : fu ling kong
i am strong enough for this stone.haha !

we love money ~

can u spot me ? haha
after climbing such a lil mountain , a coconut is refreshing. =)

3rd destination : pengkor island
this uncle is vy entertaining.he drove us around.=)

can u see the whale? i mean the stone..
and what abt tortoise ?

me n mode .. our gong gong eh face

sea rambutan

sea cucumber , disgusting !
yea , ying qi was screaming like hell ! and i love to scared her ! *evil laugh
time for snorkelling...wooots ~ who captured this !?

duh ~~~ bad memory ... i gt sting but the stupid jelly foot turn even red after a day..
ying qi is the most serious 1..and theresa...allah ~~~jusr like an ant only..haha~
4th destination : 'shopping'

asked the uncle to write for me..bcz i reli hate jelly fish ! haha !! ying qi gt the same one too.
we used all possible stuff to take some funny photos..XD
oh my leg was so pain until ..... but still forced to walk..

look , our 'gun' is an umbrella

our bra..haha
after the whole day , back to our pent house again..and played poker & uno cards..heeeee
and i started to ki siao again..haha !!

we talked , gossip , laughed and crapped until midnight - 2am ... girls are always girls..
we even had cup noodle , biscuits as supper ..haha ! slurrpp ~~
stary stary night , i felt better because there r light. fell asleep within 5 min.

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