Saturday, December 27, 2008

smoooch christmas

smoooooch christmas..
went to crystal point for celebrating.
i am way too lazy to type.
so...let the photos talk..=)

gossip girls. X.O.X.O

joel , rick , hm , lek , tt , dan , ivan

rick , hm , qi , lek

tt , hm , qi , joel , rick the dumb. LOL

hm , tt , qi ( 3 gossip girls )

yi , hm , qi ( long time no see sobbie ) XC

qi hm tt yi maine yun

santa claus r coming to town.
a lil bit blur . =X

rick mei qi lek ( qi n lek r sibling ) LOL
i am glowing because.....
i use DARLIE the toothpaste (colgate) LOL

and qi too..=E

us again

our blur faces
oops ! i had admired myself for this pic !! the picture in the picture !

the husband and wife ..ROFL
qi n me ( love this the most ) weeeee
let's smile for the 2nd last photo
cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez ~
wishes come true in xmas,people.=)


魂·失 said...

Gratz leH!
ur wishes came true le wat..on d 1st picture.... HAHAHHA

huimei said...

huh ?? wat wishes come true ??
no ar...wat's it abt 1st pic ?/ weird.....