Wednesday, December 17, 2008

long live grandma

17th of dec.
it's my granny's bday !!
we had celebrated on monday.
so , no dinner for us tonight.
went to red rock hotel for the celebration.
i hv some wonders b4 the dinner.

1: my 3rd aunt ask why dun i take care of my face ! :A
2: my 3rd uncle ask , ah mei , wat u wanna be in the future. ( oh of coz i've t the ans )
3: 2nd uncle talk non-stop to me which is kinda..ANNOYING !
4: 1st aunt cho siao cho ten to me as usual.
5 : 3rd aunt n uncle ask if i wanna be whose daughter in law !! omg !! laugh me to hell.. LOL !!!

before the diner , my granny is always being a big customer to the saloon.
hahaha..she wants a black black hair !

this is 2007 !
will upload 2008 when they send me picture.
happy bday mama !!!
heh..i am the youngest in this side's family.
not bad not bad,...i feel !


魂·失 said...

hoho....belated birthday wish to ur grandma... 福如东海,寿比南山...

btw ur face ok ar...wats d prob leh?
nvm...mayb got paintball on 23rd / 24th...ask ur sis to come oso la..

huimei said...

nonono~~~ this is 2007's picture..duh ~~` die !
okok..will ask her