Thursday, December 18, 2008

darlie is going to fly !

oops !
i am going to advertise darlie very soon ...
look .. i became darker day by day.
urrghhh !~is actually due to i am a lil bit addicted to tennis nowadays !
play twice a week at penang sport club.woah !! nice ! but my complextion...
urgh !!!fine , there must be some sacrifice to satisfied my desire.heh....

darlie reminds me a person which make me feel like vomittnig now ! my god ! hahaha
today has not much aeroplane..
this tues , i mean , previous day , woah ! the aeroplane , pass by 1 by 1...
woots !! make me so excited and a lil bit not concentrated.aha !~
i cant explain why i love the sound of the engine of an aeroplane.
i love the sound.i love the freedom-like. as it can fly as high as it is as far as it can as.......
i've this habit since i was young , when i was a kiddie.=)

maybe i did play with my bro and cousin ( a boy ) when i was young ,
so i like to play gun , soldier , train , horse and watsoever boy's stuff . (no more since i am a teen)maybe i did wear pants but not skirt when i was a young ,
so i prefer pants now ( well ,i am still wearig skirt , just limited ) XD
maybe i did play wrestling with brother when i was young(which is so lame n stupid) ,
so i am a taekwondo player instead of a orchestra. ( which i feel proud )
maybe i did know to ride motor and car since i was around standard 6 or form 1, ( a real car )
so i am fated to insist being a pilot.(well,i reli cant explain why, but i really love it and interested in it ok)
many ppl could think tat i am a lil bit ridiculous especially boy ( except jason , kc , sh ok) =).
but to girls , it's kinda woah...
well..dun be silly ok .
21st century , women can always do wat men did and mayb can even bit up the men.
just hv a look at star paper ok.
see , even my parents , sis and bro, my whole family i mean had agreed.
so what to do with other's opponion huh ?
my tuition teacher said :"
yes ! i totally agree , teacher !
and i am nt day dreaming for doing something impossible right.
nah , go to check it our yourself and see !
airline or college.there r college which is encouraging ppl espeacially women to be a pilot.
yes , it's overseas.
nah , the point is , i nvr want to stay in malaysia also.and i had planned to work at the other country.
so what ?
my teacher suddenly talked abt pilot in physic class,he said :"
urghh !! i am a lil bit desperate , bt i already search everything.oversea do hire women pilot ! overseas college do encourage women to study pilot!
so i still INSIST my dream !!
i wont give up no matter what.i mean...NO MATTER WHAT !!
tat' my interest , it suits my own characteristic , and the most important is..tat's my dream , my ambition.
say until like no women pilot yet huh , duh ..
again, the net..there r lotsa women pilot in this world ok.

i heard some of my seniors or frineds said they wanna be a pilot , but end up , it's just a say..
i dun understand why dun they follow their interest , their dream.
they say it's dangerous.
yea , it practiacally is. but our life is fated by the almighty god isnt it ?
if ur 'deadline' is let's say 50 years more , so u cant even die if u get accident , i always believe this !
so dun be afraid peeps , come on. hahaha

anyway ,
especially...a million thx to mt !!
u knw why am i thanking you.
treat u nx time will yea ?
and , let u to try the fur seat ok ? =D
and dun forget what i suggested u this noon eh . ? =) *wink

michelle ryan , the best play pilot.
aha ! my kid will be like this ! LOL
i insist my dream , my ambition.
any objection right now ? LOL

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