Wednesday, July 23, 2008

rock climbing

all of us =)

muahaha , look ! i am...

stronger ... XP XD

spiderman X)

this is d most difficult part

and this is fun !

swing ? yep ? actually is , fell down after my hand was too tired to hold d rock

i love this =)

couple couple

dead's hot !

me , teng , mei

we love nike ! from the top : suki , me , bb ( bb's shoe is d red ghost one) X)
rasyidah is cute ! XD


sun yon was going to kill ppl

who tied us tgt ? i dunwan ! XD

rasyidah was so pity

red beg XP

^.^ V

Y ^.^ Y

trying to act ghost

windy day LOL

we love to act XD

act# take 2

wat were we looking at ? (sun)

felling down .. wait lah !




WiNn Ni3 said...

actualy where is the place?

huimei said...

opposite USM ..
btw ,
i think it was 7 or 8 years ago we met each other for d last time..

Memorable Diaries said...

u ar...dun ban cool cool 4 wat leh? beh tong nia...luckily i bo tiok sort....if nt me hair sure GONE UP!!!!

huimei said...

eh eh eh !! wat lar ?
when did i ban cool ?
i am so friendly lah..>.<