Tuesday, July 8, 2008


just now was sitting here and chatting..
and suddenly i heard a weird soung..
which is something crash on d fan..
and i found it's a bird !!
my god !!

then afda tat , it flew again..
and the 2nd time..
awww !!!!!!
it reli gt serious injury...
and it was like lay on d floor..

so i woke my bro up..
then afda we glanced at it..
we found tat d 2 leg of d bird was like...
sudah patah la..
my goodness..
but how ?!!!
we wanted to help it but how ?!?!!
HOW !!!
reli 有心无力 !!!!
and i felt d meaning d..

i asked my bro to go n catch it ..
he dare not..

afda tat , my mum sud shouted n asked us go n hv dinner..
aisheh ~~~
hopefull ~~~
so , we asked mummy to catch it..
she dare to..

coward bro...

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