Sunday, July 20, 2008

little cottage

the memories...
when we practised for the basketball competition..
after the competition...
here we go..

yu tian wy hm

how dare you took my pic at that time

i want the ball !

i had snatched d ball frm her !! mauahhaha

i am number 15 XD

little cottage

a coffee a day , an energy a day

look at sze min ... she is reli crazy !

fatimah the maid and xiao bai(the dog)'s food

4 gina playing

zoo pic

this is wat fatimah snatched from xiao bai

husband and wife

playing chu dian...doing my 'what' face

wan yi is always our victim XD

pig sze min ( my uniform was sos o so untidy )

angeline and me squeezed !! haha

being a housewife

wan yi and me

everyone was busy for their own stuff

i ain't short ! it's i bent !

mr. smiley

trying to make my secret recipe..

my bombaman

wan yi , please wait !

basketball family

well...sze min ! u r not belong to 1st family XD

well....this is so blur ! but it has all of us !

i am d oldest one..=(

making coffee again

i admit i am childish..XP

i look like a pig =.=

blue , green and yellow , gogogo !

everyone will get to the train of d life..

here are just part of it..

when a passenger left , will u miss her/him ?


i will !

i do appreciate every moment when i spent with d passenger..

and appreciate every passenger.

will you guys ?

hope our friendship forever !

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