Friday, October 24, 2008


i'm addicted to e-gate recently..
i love e-gate. =)
shop to intro :
1.the vietnamese food (beside georgetown)
the couldnt remember the name , bcz i only remember the taste.=p
but i do remember , it's number 25.
it's nice ! must try!
the food there r all abt georgetown food.
ermm..ppl may ask , aren't u stay in georgetown ?
okay well..
but u knw , sometimes , the food in a lil restaurant may be a lil bit better . =)
i think i do not need to intro the food.
bcz i will not finish typing if i do so. =)
anyway , it's japanese food.
my favorite !!
(before i forget , mr.lau k-chuin , dont forget u still owe me 1 meal in tao)

okay..i just buy drinks in starbucks.
i love green tea frappucino with cream. =d

5.sushi king
it's quite ordinary
but anyway , it's all japanese food , so i like it. =)
ps: i love salmon =d =d =d

6.secret recipe
i like d mushroom chicken.
and the hot choc. cake. HOT .
yummy =d

7.old town
the nasi lemak and the blackcurrent shake (something like this) r killing me. Xd
the food is very very cheap but nice . =)


魂·失 said...

nani?! u sure bo....
ppl ask u abt penang food u ask ppl go restaurant?
gai la u.... LOL
penang ppl oso lie to ppl ar?
all penang 王牌小吃 not in restaurant one la...spread out
like ppl keep say go gurney drive eat but dunno there mia food really not penangites eat one... xD
d georgetown may hav some nice food but dun hav d 风味ma... ha

huimei said...

i din intro ppl penang's food ar..
i am introducing ppl E-GATE
and dun kesi kesi dono i wrote ps for u . XP

魂·失 said...

boh uahh kong....u still rmb... =.=