Sunday, October 12, 2008


went to taekwondo training as usual.
wearing slipper and thought of we'll hv normal training .
who knows ah sir said go to hiking !
me and ke xuan stared at each other..
then xiao ying said both of us wear slipper.
but luckily ah sir didnt scold .
then hike to num. 5 ...

hiking is quite tiring though.
muscle pain somemore.
after tat we saw scorpion and '4 leg snake' .
both of them are so huge.
and the stupid scorpion is red in colour.
think will die if it sting.

anyway , i sweat a lot.

1 comment:

魂·失 said... big?
i rmb lu small lu poisonous ma...not?
dunno...check liao kah tell..