Thursday, October 2, 2008


off to play tennis just now..
but i'm a bit too late due to the weather is so nice for sleep.
long time didnt play , scared i mempersiasoikan diri..

at d 1st , it's kinda sia soi..
after tat, i spoted wong wai yi's racket .
so i used that one.
after tat , the game went well..
wong wy said my racket is a bit too heavy for me..>.<
so i gonna buy a new one !
his racket is cool and light..
bought from US.
only cost RM300++
cool !!
gonna consider to buy ..

he asked me to go for d game every mon n thurs..
well..i'll consider .
exam is coming but exercise is important for our brain isnt it ?
he voted me as d most progressive rookie..
XD !!
i love tennis as i always do.

the colour is not so nice..i mean , it's kinda ordinary.

this 1 only 225g ! i like d colour too..


魂·失 said...

RM300++ ONLY LO...aisheh... haha
beh guai la...u r.... xD

huimei said...

hey !! 300 for a tennis racket is cheap ok...expensive is 1000++