Tuesday, May 11, 2010


i actually did update my blog !!!
didnt u see ???
are you sure no ???
well ... you can view it if and only if you know my password for my blog. =p
*which i doubt only one person reading it *

anyway , exam is still on.
but fortunately , bio and math extension1 had over !!
and most of all , i can still do it , not too bad i guess ! wheeee ~~
left chem !!!! woooo ~~ i'm gotta get 80 and above or i will be so so so dead ! =D
i dont count on eng (listening paper) and math on thurs , coz ,i cant do anything with it..booo ~!!
good thing , i dont take phy ! hoooray !!!!! i dont have any exam after 10am on fri !!!
good luck guys for phy paper on sat !! HAHAHAHAHA..*evil laugh*

promise to update my blog after my mid term exam !!
and promise that my post will be an interesting one.

ciao ~!

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