Saturday, November 21, 2009

this is going to be a long post , ignore me.

i know i should be on the bed..
but i dono why , i am still very active.
doing math(for the whole afternoon and night) + facebooking + reading blog + smsing.
so my brain is actually multiifunction . =D

hv so many things to tell so many people.
somehow , something just cant tell some people.
mayb i'll regret , mayb it's a right decision.

told so many people :
hey , i am going to miss you so sooon ~~!!
and so i got a lot of funny funny + weird + nice + creative + nonsense + normal 's answer.
hahahaha..( tat explained why was i so high in fb just now )
so i am actually viewing blogs now.

what i want to say is :
1. awww...dun remind me abt graduation anymore. so sad so sad.
=( knw ?? i hv so much to tell you ? but but...i'm way too too too afraid to tell. part reason is , i'm afraid bad thing will happen . mayb everything will jsut disppear. i dare nt take the risk. but yeah , i hope you feel the same way too.and right ! i hope you are happy always. the ugly truth ? i will keep it 1st , and will decide to tell or not after exam. bcz i am worry u're nt knw i care..

3. teachers and friends , why do u all leave so soon when i just started to love you ( especially for cikgu anny tan , cikgu hafeesha , MEGAN-my classmate ) everything had just put an full stop . sad sad sad.

4. when i just started to love my classmates , i am leaving. ( bcz i was always busy for meeting and often nt in class ) should i say i'm contented to learn to be a good leader or should i said i'm way too stupid not to cherish ppl around me ? right , mayb for the latter one.

5. regina !! i dun want you to leave me !! ='(   you knw i want to go ns with you !! you knw i always hope to study A-level with you together ? nt tat i'm so caring tat i always ask you if ur application for the university , but , i'm too afraid to go apart with you. but as a best friend , i knw i should nt be , i will pray hard for you , so that you can go to UK as fast as possible as you wish to study you , bff.

6. sigh....beside than's stll a sigh........
hell !! i miss you !!!! i miss you i miss you !!!!can you hear me ???
forget abt it.  i'm always being the only one. =/
hell !!!! i'd actually accepted the bad probability.
bcz it's always like this. heeeee..
ps: eh this should be the same with no.2 =.=

7. everytime's everytime . i just dont knw how to appreciate some people.
i was being stubborn that i insist what i want what i like. and see no good ways in the others.
but when it's a past tense. there i started to see and realized. oh gosh !!!
can anyone wake me up when i'm still unconscions ?!?! i hate being like this.
no wonder ppl said : 人要等到失去后才懂得珍惜.
the biggest example was the thing happened when i was form1( eh my xxx , tat's vy good 1 k ). heeee.

8. everytime's everytime , i just dont knw how to grab the chance. when there's the opportunity awaiting for me in front , i'll just let go bcz of my idiotic negative thinking mind ! then then , when there's a fake opportunity , i will grab it. =.=  stupid ..stupid-est ppl on earth..wheee ~~

9. question marks are still hovering in my mind.. my xxx( i cannot bongkar ur name , will tell u personally , bt i am sure right now i mean you ) told me nt to do it . bcz it'll be a bad result.haha.. yes, mayb , i knw ? bcz i dun see any very very good reason and way to support my you're right.i should listen to you,or else i'll be grabbing the wrong chance again(most probably) . *winks*
ps: eh this should be the same with no.6  =.=

10. pfft !! out out out !!!! stupid thing , dun find fault for urself , tanhuimei. people will hate you !
 it's actually the same thing appearing in my mind again..brrrrr...nt going to type it out. confidential. xD

finished crapping,
goodnight people.
but i knw i'm disallowed , right ?
nvm , i'm disappearing .
i hope you're glad
i exist.

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I said...

ur cbox breakdown.
wei dat's not how u spell her name, it's anny not annie.