Friday, November 6, 2009

Let's wish let's study let's partay!!

hey dude, wonder wth am i still doing here ??'s the last post until 4th of dec. =D
wanna vandalize something here first.xD

okay , to ans the quest which everyone want to knw.
so sorry to tell u that , photo will be uploaded after 4th of dec.
cant blame me rite ?? spm is more important..
so be it. =]

next ... talk with anger. =/
i heard something tat day with my OWN ears !
hey you !!!
how can you treat your friend like this ??
c'mon !!! she's your friend !!!
and how can you ever try to hurt her again and again ?
betray her again and again...
you WERE so , okay , ppl may think that you're still a children but no..
you ARE  so now !!
let's see !!
i knw she could just scold anything , but she dont even say a single bad word of you .
she's good to you , and how can you being so cruel ??
and now !!!!!!!
wat the eff do you want ?!
you're real ugly !!
as an evil , as a ...iisssshhhh !!!
c'mon !!! she's nt only your friend.
she's my friend , she's her friends' friend !
and you dun hv the right to hurt her like this.
yes , you can say i hv no right to say this , but look .
you're trying to pushing me into trouble , so this is also my business !
in addition , i'm standing here as her friend but wat abt you ??
you're trying to hurt her again !
you b**** !

to my love-st sis.
i apologize for my emotional.
hey , but i still insist tat it's partially your fault !!
but you knw i love you rite ?
you knw i'm mad sometimes ( when i'm pressure) rite ?
i knw you gt a shocked when i suddenly break the hanger .
but look !!!
i hate people.........!( you knw wat u did ) and you should knw , dont you ?
so wonder why am i posting this here ??
because my sister ,
bought me my favorite biscuit and milk
and yea , so i apologize.
i love you ! ( wahh , i dun even tell anyone this 3 words lor )

people , study hard !!!
we left 12 days to spm and 27 days to freedom ( 4th of dec )
and we can go PARTY !!!!
muahahahahahahha !!!!!

but look..
they said :
let's count the sneeze !!
1....2........3. !!! huimei SNEEZE .
if i'm disgusting , i will sneeze on your face man !!
anyway , u'd done a great job on the amount of my sneeze isnt it ??
*hope to recover soon.*

oh yea :
qi , xiu , T , herrick , lek , hun , dd .
as i said , sing 在树上唱歌when we're on the way to our trip ok !!
it suits our relaxing mood .
*promise made*..wheeeeee

one of my principle :

if i'm nt dumb ,
if you're not deaf ,
i will whisper this lyric deep into your ear ,

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