Friday, November 20, 2009

for my best buddy.

buddy ,
i want you to listen , not hear , alright ??

althought i am one with no experience but still , i have some of those basic principle and i couldn't deny tat it's right and true.
love is about two people .
yes , i knw you love her , and she loves you.
why ? bcz there's something called fate pull both of you together.
if you think fate is just something comes easily , you're wrong then.

yes , people isnt psychic.
they may do something wrong.
but you love her , she's ur only one. and supposingly , you should be inclusive about her and not only forgive her.yes , i understand tat she was over limit , and you reli couldnt stand another her.
but , mayb she is really too naive only she think tat's only wat friend's do.
okay ! the erhm..( wat had happened few days ago including k and s ) , it's nt her fault k ?
it's tat idiot's fault , she will nvr tat she will just happened suddenly.
you told her nt to do it again..
how you knw she didnt change it???

if you dun trust each other , i will be sure tat there's no more relationship.
what if you downgrade it to be friendship ???
i'm pretty sure the friendship will end within 1 week or mayb 1 month.
i insist , if you love her , you should trust her !
if she keep repeating the things .
then i think , she's no longer belongs to you.
bcz she dun even treat you as her only one.
so why nt just break up ?
you only lose someone who doesnt love you ,
but she lose someone who loves her so much.
so you people tell me ,
who's worth and who's not.
and you will not be so annoyed too..
you knw , it's sad to see you unhappy everyday , even during exam.
you'll like suddenly recall the scene.

so if you reli love her.
you should really forgive her !!
forgive = nt to be angry and forget abt wat she had done !!
i personally think that if you dun forgive her , it's hard to hold the relationship too..
if she promise you to change , chance is always the best gift.

i know you love her !
and i understand how angry and disappointed you are.
but , as i said.
what you gain will only be HAPPINESS.
remember :
if you love her , you should trust her .
and dun forget ..
i'll always support you no matter what's ur decision.

it's so lucky , so lucky that she'd given her the best gift - love.

a gift that she couldnt see , only to feel.
a gift that will lighten the dark.

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I said...

this is also de one i said i dunno wat u're saying. cuz it's got nthg to do with me.