Monday, November 2, 2009


hey people , i still cant upload the graduation night and dixie bday 's photo.
for the 1st , i  dun hv m uch time to online..
for dixie's bday , i still dun  get any pic yet... goodness..
so much sia soi !!!
was a lil bit drunk , then i ..... = (
cakap yang bukan bukan by sms people..
ishh !!
think i was still conscious , but still a lil bit drunk..
so , today , i felt embarrass to see them..
then then, why so many ppl knew abt it ?! ishhh !!!
no reputation nia..
luckily i only ki siao , sms a person , or i'll be dead...
isshhh !!!!
so dixie , you're right..
there was a hangover.. =.= zzzzzzzzzzzzz

oh hey mt ! !i wanna tell u something !!!
i'm so 'full' now ! ! mayb u would scold me.. but...
bcz 'hungry' is so suffering , so...
hey ! !nt tat  i dun feel 'hungry' anymore ,but you knw.....tiring.
okay tat's all for you , and wish u hv a save 2 days journey to HK.
*walao , spm is so near , and you're going to hk*

sigh sigh sigh ~~~
i dun wanna talk !!!
why  ??
because ...
no points talking..
eh and i am rasional d lor...
*xm , u knw the reason rite ?*
i'll see la...
spm is important rite ????
so be it..
anyway , cheers !
think i'll be 'hungry' after 4th of dec !!

let's countdown !!  16 days to spm , 31 days to freedom !!
WHEE ~~~

get this from facebook :
your blessing is no more than being safe and sound for the whole lifetime. 

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