Tuesday, November 24, 2009

my five beloved

this is my darling
elizabeth che (sis)
yes , i really couldnt live without her!!
and i wonder how is my life when i go to ns.
che , faster find a bf lah ! it'd been 6 yeas ago.
by the way , my che is vy yeng one k ?
and yea , i am waiting for my air ticket to... ( you knw what had you told me )
yay !!!!!!

these are my 2 dear(s).
1. kenny kor.
hey , i hope you can be a better man alright ?
i knw you're the intelligent one , why not you..?
and be good to wendy.
ps: i dun hv his personal pic , so i just cut it frm family pic. xD
2.marcus kor.
whee ~~
you're going to be 21th (27th nov) soon , then we can go to celebrate with whole family including xkuku ( who come back frm s'pore )
but sadly i havent buy ur present.
haha , no worries .
you knw i am good at buying present.
and you love my present , dont you ? ( coz i hv super high taste )
and of course !!
shea er will attend our 1st family gathering , wish both of u luck !

this is my soul mate , nicole tan ! ( right , this is the christian name tat i nvr told anyone except mt )
she's way different with her outer her ( wth am i talking )
she's caring loving and wateva -ing. hahahahaha..
unlike the outer one , hmmphh !
i would love her if i am nt her , bcz she's perfect LOL
she will prove it if you hv the fortune ( LOL )
( huimei has personality disorder , proven ) xD

deng deng deng deng ~!!!!
this is my only one lover !!!!!!!!!
but sadly , it's N/A in m'sia yet ..
nvm i will drive this in overseas , it will just happen sooner or later.
wheeeee ~~
wait for me alright ?? my love.

so this is the five la , wat's u guys expecting for ? LOL
the truth is inside my soul mate's mind , ask her lor !
but the 5 above are part of the truth too wat...hahahha..

someone told me this :
he's born for me ,
i'm born for him.

waiting to give myself a chance to say yes
do something genius then.

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