Sunday, November 22, 2009

are you ?

below is the text msg between me and erhmmmm (buddy) . 21/11/09 , night .

buddy : sometimes she's vy manja , and i will like say ok ok for jian !

me : walao you , really fan jian !!! want people to manja somemore..ish !

buddy : eh , you hv to see her expression + she's pretty mah..add marks add marks.

me : i'm totally speechless !!! add marks somemore !! SEI YAM LOU !

buddy : walao , you nvr let ppl manja you b4 izzit ? hoho...

me : got k...but i reli dislike my non-lover to manja me , even they're my friends. it's like when they hug me or hold my hand or lie on my any part of my body or something , i will feel unfomfortable. then... ( confidential ) ........

buddy : ...........................(confidential )

me : wat the hack ! see !! told u u're a real yam lou !!! ishh... but

buddy : you also yam mah ... say me somemore..hmmph

me : when did i yam ? am nt ok ?? let me summarize ur yam points..
you dun mind ppl ppl to hug you , hold you , lie on you even....... SEI-YAM-LOU !

actually you ppl may knw who is tat yam lou.

 i met an ideal mate. =]
the one matches what i want.
i should stay away from you.

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