Tuesday, October 13, 2009

lekjian 17th bday

sunset bistro was the place.

so let's start with his suprise cardboard...wahhahaha..

it was made by qi and xiu ( i suppose )
they are 2 real genius..LOL

qi , me , andy , xiu. LOL

nah , we spotted the ppl there playing parachute.wow...
sadly , we didnt play it..LOL

couldnt resist dd's DSLR , so asked him to take a lot of our 'mei zao' ( nice pic ) LOL

qi and i .. hahah , ada feeling huh. =.=



qi qi ..

here comes the bday body open his present...
the 6 of them present him a watch..wow.

fooods..lazy to upload all..xD
anyway , the food there r nice , and nt reli expensive , worth it. =)

wait wait !! LOOK !!!

then herrick , qi and shi hun played the harry potter game.
*inside joke*

bye bye sunset bistro.
we didnt see any sunset , anyway. =p

group pic/

went to coffee beans( nt starbucks, =(    )
our mr ruan. herrick

lek jian tan.

DD-dan. ( DSLR's owner)

PRETTY shi hun in this pic.
* omg wat happened to qi *

the 2 buddies

they said they wanted to test their mo qi worrr...
so they test with , smile and fierce face.

well , they hv mo qi ! hahahaha

andy and xiu

haaaaa.a.....T .
eh siao , this pic is super duper nice hor ???* hint *
 faster praise the photographer ( me )

ah qi


suprise him with the cake...
jenny's cake house...
the cake is...............................finger licking good

3 big candles mean 3 big wishes for him ( nt 30 years old)

cho siao time..

discussing discussing...

T was acting the , wow so delicious face

they asked me to do , i refused to do so.
so i face became like this and say no.
actually i did  *private* LOL

wow i love this pic !!!
so nice so nice so so nice..XD
the 4 of us.

last but nt least..

i wonder ,
if we can still gather like this afda graduate.
friendship forever.

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