Monday, October 19, 2009

stranger A and B

excuse me !!!
can both of you dun ask me wat happened after viewing other's blog ?!
my blog is isnt a newspaper , neither a radio nor tv .
it's a place to let me express my feeling.

yes , of course you can ask.
but look !
you aren't my friends.
when i want to tell anyone , i would do so , if i dont , why ask ?
and the fact is i dun even knw who are you !!
and where the hell u get my contact number ?
you stink !!!!

can u hv some manners ?!
oh yea , mayb some girls love that ?
but i am exactly nt tat kind of girl !!
so stop it idiots !
when i said i am busy , i am giving u face and opportunity to stop texting me ..
you are nt only brainless but also stewpid !

mind your language.
why should i tell u who am i ?
oh tat's even ridiculous !
you dont knw someone but you get their contact , just like this ?!

and please !!!
can u stop that annoying msg ?!??!
my hp is nt functioning for receiving your msg alright ?
instead , please dun humiliate my text msg ring tone .
i used to be very happy to hear my text msg ring tone , but now..
u made me feel like vomitting to hear it.
freaking hell !!

oh and can u stop saying disgusting things to me !?!
you are killing my eyes !
and my brain isnt for you to read these kinda bull shits !
remember .
i am nt even ur friend !!!
bustard !

am nt in the mood to entertain you .
so please get lost.
and kindly delete my contact from ur phone.
when u see this ,
please please please please please !!!
scold me bitch bcz i am scolding you.
and please !!
kindly delete me from your comtact.
dont make me scold u badly ,

right now , you are polluting my blog to post something like this to scold you.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's bastard. Not bustard.
Dun worry I'm not the one you're scolding. Cuz i dun even know wat's going on.