Sunday, October 11, 2009

i miss you

siao eh ~
lu mo sin ar ~~
siao eh ~~ an chua lu ane koo koh aboi tooi lai eh ?~ kah eh sien nia lo.. bo lang kah wa kap siao.
wa ma sien kah beh si .. miss u lo boooodieee ~~~
lu mm si tan kap kah lu eh yi min meh ? haiyo ~~ toh bo lang kah wa kao .. ka eh sien nia .. boodie aboi tooi lai , koo kah sien ..
boodieeee boodieeee ~~ aiyio boodieeee ~~ wa miss ee lo. lol
sampat po !!lu wu beh mikia hor wa o ? xD  * evil laugh *
bo mikia ho beh..sien nia , wa baru ka beh 2 pairs of heels nia . bo liao
ish you

blue colour is me , while pink colour is my sis.
and tat was our boring chat...kong siao ua ( talk with insanity)
ps : booooodiee is our beloved dog , but we always simply call ppl ( my sis ) a dog's name.. or sometimes , call her bla bla bla , 3 other dogs' name.
we are crazy like this...

nah nah , booooooooodieee ~~~

this is dasher(below) , but we prefer ( point upwards )..bcz it's cuter mah , and it is smaller in size mah , and it sleep with me meh and i hug it into my dreamland mah...hahahahahahha

gong gong dash..wahhaha


i miss you .
the 3 rare words i use.
it must be very hang fok ,
bcz i said ,
i miss you.

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