Saturday, October 3, 2009


you dont have to get A LOT of money ,
but you have to success in everything !
indirectly , you get TONNES of money.

you dont have to get others PATHETIC ,
but you have to get the love from someone you love !
indirectly , you get the ETERNAL TENDER LOVE .

you dont have to get MEDICINE FEE from your mother ,
but you have to get health by your own  !
indirently , you get the WEALTHIEST PROSPERITY.

you dont have to get others TRUST ,
but you have to hold on your self principles !
indirectly . you get the WHOLE WORLD .

you do not need to do any CHARITY WITH INGENUITY ,
but you have to sacrifice yourself with sincere.
indirectly , you get to do the GREATEST CHARITY ,
for the liars to be innocent ,
for the devil to be an innocent sheep ,
for the liars to get the stupids' trust ,
for the fact to turns ugly ,
for the nanohead men to humiliate the self esteem .
*it's disgusting thou*

-huimei's law-


Useful Shopping Tips said...

Good post

Jhu said...

Great law.
Have a nice day.

huimei said...

thx to the unknown ' useful shopping tips '
and i saw this sentence in yr web "Think about quality and not the money as protection of eyes is essential."
=) i need it in time , thx for tat.

hahaha , thank you. =)