Thursday, March 12, 2009

the two.mtre

i went round and round , and round and round..
it started from the destination A to destination Y .
as i experienced the 'journey' , felt the emotion .
yea , i couldnt deny i was happy for those.
however , i still think that the 1st destination ( which is regina ) is the best !

she understand what i wanna say tho i didnt say it out.
she knw what i wanna do b4 i hv any inisiatif.
and she knw the feeling of mine whenever and whatever thing happens.
of coz , we did misunderstand .
but , true friends can conquer all.
(ok , ladies n gentlemen, dun vomit . am trying to express my feeling to her )
oh hey re !! i knw u're vain , u idiot , dun suspect i like u as i wont. LOL !!! ( kidding ) , hahahahhaa..

aiyar , life without her is dull and of coz colourless ..
huimei sings : without you - mariah carey.
she's nt sitting beside me anymore. =(
she has no opportunity to listen and i hv no opportunity to sing to her ald.
uh huh ~~~ how pathetic.. wat a tragedy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my fault !! am an idiot !
ps : ppl out there , there is nothing happens to us , it's bcz we r in d differnt class now..

on the other hand , she was always encouranging me to xxxxxxx(re , u knw wat huh) ..
but , i didnt listen to her..haha..
maybe her words dun hv the power !
oh yea ~~ for this...
MT is the BEST ever!
mt's words , woah ~~~~~~ can go through the cell and can be absorbed by the cell , and of coz ! they send nerve impulse to the brain and send n.i back to make some responds..
wooohoo ~~ ppl !! faster applause for MT ! wooohoooo ~~~~~~ :A

i love u , mt !!!
oh and of coz , regina ~

okay , i should go now.
bye peopuh ~


ReginaC said...

the best message i have ever read b4..
i love the song 'without you' too..
sing it for me when we go to tae..
last but not least
i love you too..=p

huimei said...

oh re oh re !!
i am glad u're friend !!
the one who always accompany me when i am down or alone or happy o hyper or wateva !!