Tuesday, March 31, 2009

herrick's bday

this is abt herrick's bday .

sorry , it's long lost post too. but nvm , as long as i do blog it now. =D
we'd planned to gv rick a vy big surprise .
so here they went to buy him a present.
i cant make it bcz i've tuition , sorry people .

T , qi , xiu

shi hun

lek ( lek , i mean this pic , this pic !!!!! )

this is D.I.Y by qiqi ~! the D.I.Y superherrick.haha
we pakat with his mum and sis , then we sneaked into his room and started preparing.
we even have the 'behind-the-scene' video , my god !! tat was goddamn funny !!!!
we'd to blow the balloon vy fast , which was vyvy tiring as the balloons were kinda thick !!
geeez, but then , i am good in blowing balloon..wahahhahaha..
herrick was in the trick , his mum even said he's vy noisy when she kept driving him wandering around..thx auntie !!!
then , the time when he came back , he came into the room , and here we went :
happy bday to u ,
happy bday to u ,
happy bday to herrick ,
happy bday to u !! * applause
he was totally stunted !!!!
and his eyes were watery ,
rick , frankly , tell us , were u going to cry ??

his mum ordered us pizza , and bottles of sparkling juice. yummy pizza.

thx la , shi hun..hahaha

the smiley balloons , wooops , i love this pic.

herrick vs herrick

the 老师家老大 pose. omg , shi hun !!

woah , we r going to slap shi hun ! look at him !!!!!! hmmmmmmph !!!

they are tall.
the drunk rick

and the drunk hm and qi , get dishonor . xD


hey herrick , we were drunk , dun pretend to be conscious and make tat evil smirk. LOL

shi hun , the narrator started telling true story , which is a lil bit scary. :A

woooo , fav. pic !

qi n rick

T n rick

rick n i

qi n lek , the sibling . wei ! look 90% alike la !

huimei the stim professor.zzzzzzzz
eventually , we watched the 'behind-the-scene'.

superb ! look at the table , it reflected !!!!

last but not least , the warm 1.
happy bday , herrick !
wish u hv a dream comes true ok !

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