Tuesday, March 10, 2009

birthday 1

28th feb , headed to golden wat steambat to celebrate my birhtday.
27th os the real day , but who cares . =)
so now , let the pictures talk. =D
this are wat called greedy

here start with herrick the chef

and then , joel the best cheft ever [ and also my personal chef (for tat day only) ] geez..
he will cooked wateva the bday girl requested.hiak hiak hiak

see !! these are all the july's ghost

rick refilling d soup. funny ~~ (look at xiu's face)

yeah !! finally he had done my baby lobser !!

hey T , i knw u like the chicken bcz i am the one who cook it..hahahahaha

the egg specially for me .. bluek ~

delicious !! thx joel.

were enjoying the beauty of the sky

lek and me.

the guys photo.

omg !!! hahahahahahah !!

qi looks like a lil girl.

the gay gay making A face.hahhahaha...( kidding la)

mei said :" woah , am cooking and u all are eating ?!?!"

rick with the ice cream

dan ar , why were u making ur suh-face? XD

dan rick , xmei , T , hmei

the traffic light

rock it , baybeh ~

concentrate to take picture la !

woooo ~~~ the nicest pic !!!

the 2 F.P.Tan !!

qi , mei , theresa
joel :" hey wassup , my ball " hahahahah
marble cheese =d
4 cake ssss
the fake sibling / the cute one

me n dan


mei and mei

theresa :" press longer ! " ( she means camera ) !!

woohooo ~~

wat ?! why it turned out like the ang kong ??

making wishessss.
they asked me to bite the candle out , so my face went like this,, LOL
hope my dreams come true .
pictures are incomplete yet.
stay tune. =)
ps: qi i want d pendrive !!

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yvonne said...

u r soooo lucky =P
*xian mu*