Tuesday, March 31, 2009

17th bday - post 2

guys and girls , men and women out there ,
sorry for the long lost post.
u couldnt blame me as i'd had my test rite.
here are some other pictures of my b'day party.

here are the people introduced :

huimei the fpt

rick and lek the husband and wife * X)

xiu T qi the 3 bbf
joel the chef
let's the pictures talk.=)

thx for the egg.xD

dan n mei

the father mother and child.
rick n T
joel n i
the three

rick n i

qi and jo

lek n i

this pic is very childhood , dun u think ?


T n lek
wat r u selling ? apong manis
wat r u selling ? apong balik. =.=
wow !! my fav pic ! huimei with the aeroplane with my look.xD
the happy go lucky one.
hormat ! the fpt(s).

our favourate place. starbucks . a must.

these 4 cakes were presented by joel , thx ya ! taste fabulous !

yea ?? looking lizard ? lol !!

qi was eating while jian n T were dropping saliva
time to ......TADA
a necklace from dan .
yes , my capital . the unique H , wow !! most gorgeous H !!!
yes , from them. thx.

so here's how my marvellous bday ended.
love ya , people !

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