Saturday, March 7, 2009

for mt

mt , his article is specially for you.

are u sure u dono wat's ur interest and potential ?
mayb there r some , it's just the matter tat u didnt dig it out !

i would suggest u :
3.char koay teow lao yi ( KIDDING )

u see !!!
u hv the ability to cheer up someone when she's down / angry / disappointed !
well..honestly ..
u r nt crapping !! those are the words !! the phrase ! the sentences !
u even help her to solve her problem as well !
and u love to help ppl loving prob and love to 8 . hahahah !!
for arc.
i am sure u hv the potential to draw ! to design !
i saw ur drawing wert....
and ur math and phy are good ..
so it's nt a prob.
heee , if u are , i will pay u to design my house.
in the condition : i must like it and it must be the type i like for sure !

i am a lil feddup when u said u wont do somethng u interested!
wat the ?!
a career is abt the whole life.
so wat if u dun like d job ? u brg the bad mood to the job ?
it's abt 20++30 years..
okay , mayb i dono ur prob.
but , psychologist n arct. are professional too wert..
can earn a lot too wat..
and the most important is , ur interest n hobby are those.
mayb u like some other thing tat is kinda cold ?
but every has their professinalities rite ?
like char koay teow also must hv skill 1 rite ? hahahahah..
like the e&o 1 , see ! even char koay teow also can char until the classy hotel !
how fascinating huh ? =D

friend ,
consider it okay...
it's bad when u always say u dun hv a dream and u jz study for no-goal.
it's sad to hear tat , friend.
mayb it's too fast to thnk abt it ?
but did u knw ? someone said we should hv knw our goal since young or mayb since f4.
jz like wat the stupid pendidikan sivik mentioned.
anyway , it's still stupid afterall !

so ,
think abt it ok ??
i dunwan to listen u to say 'i dun hv dream/ambition' .
wish you luck !

determine it and go ahead !

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迎Tan said...

i have a dream..
i have song to sing..