Sunday, March 1, 2009

i am still a superwoman !

i am a superwoman without y o u....
i wont drop tears without y o u !

maybe i was confuse but now , i knw d answer very clear right now ..
you dun understand me AT ALL !!
when i was angry , dun u ever knw why the hell was i so angry?
when i dropped tears , cant u ever feel tat i was disappointed..
i mean..really really disappointed !!
i was nt disappointed for the scolding/quarrelling , i was disappointed bcz u dun understand me ! not even A LITTLE BIT !

dun u even knw i am very 'ai bin' ?
dun u even knw how embarrass was i when everyone stare at me ?
dun u even knw how 'faceless' was i when everyone throw their curiousity on me ?
dun u even knw ???

i felt like crying when i saw a scene in front of me.
tat is abt a lil girl and her xxx .....
but somehow , i didnt . (for sure)

i had tried so hard to accept the fact tat u dun understand me.
i had tried so hard to avoid to get disappointed.
i had tried so hard for ALMOST EVERYTHING !

you wont understand how happy am i when i am in school.
you wont understand how relax am i when i am having tuition.
you wont understand how hyper am i when i am with my friends.
you wont understand the good emotion of mine !
maybe you u know something ,
but somehow , in fact , for the real and deeper me in my heart ,
u didnt.

listening to : tear drops on my guitar - taylor swift
i am struggling between love and hate.
my tears rolling down , again...............

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魂·失 said...

gah....dat song is nice...
but dun be in too deep in that song...
ur future awaits.....