Thursday, March 5, 2009


shout out loud* =O

people , how can i change your mind ?! @.@
i'm just willing to do anything ...... !!! ^.^

hx , jia & cy , to be honest , i was going to go freak with wat u all did.... >.< color="#99ff99">embarrass , and by the way , i felt innocent ... =(
just forget abt d past okay ? =/
jz llike wat i always quote : FORGET bout d PAST and READY for d FUTURE. =D
but wat to do... ?.?
i cant prevent things happen.. =l
i cant angry at u all for those made-me-feel-terrible actions. =[
bcz u all are way too cute .. =p hahahahaha !!

okay , there are 1 big big secret in fact. =/
if u r interested , i will just tell u all in sch . =)
i'd rather tell u all the secret than letting things happen embarrass-ly. =S

nah , i love u all only lah !
i love u, hooi xin !
i love u, jia jia !
i love u, chaw yeh ! ( oh i hope xx/pp is nt viewing this , u knw who i mean )*
there r no 4th people already okay..
ROFL !!!!

confront it..bluek ! =p

so can u all ??

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