Saturday, February 7, 2009


off to taekwondo training this morning , felt excited when i woke up.
yess...i just dono why..
i had became a fatty since the holiday..
and i was like eat eat eat during the cny..oh nooo ~~

so , went to training..
i found back the feeeling..
it's good , i mean...vyvyvyvyvyv great !!
i love exercise.
kick kick kick , run run run , punch punch punch , and my sweat sweat sweat !!

1st of all , as usual , we ran the road with barefoot.
our foot were numb since n years ago..LOL , i mean...4 years.
ran the whole compound of the sch , 2 rounds !!! * as usual
tho it was tiring , but i insisted i MUST continue running !!
tho i was quite tired , but i know , i cannot stop.
once i stop , i will fail my plan to train my mental. =D

played badminton on thurs during pj .
yeah , the 1st time i get my shirt wet in 2009 !!!
feeel so great !!

so people,
go exercise and SWEAT !
u will feel the happiness and ..relax urself . =D

tat's y exercise is always my favorite.

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