Tuesday, February 3, 2009

freaked out for u.

i was nearly go mad , i tell u !!!
u knw what ??? i NEARLY couldnt find my darling...
uhhh !! when i went up and down and i still cant see ur face , i was so gonna freak out !!!
i cant lose u , i cant live without u !!
i hv all my dailies , important stuffs to remember , my master piece(ssssss) of my own made poetry or poem , and of coz , privacy in u i mean very privacy..
but u knw wat ?!
it was merely a mistake.
bcz i put it in the other LITTLE pocket of my bag..phewwwwwwww..........
ahhh , my dear loving little note book , i promise i WILL NOT simply place u anymore !!
and of coz i knw , u r always so so so so meant to me !!
uhhh !! thx god i found u !

ps , i cant upload any photo of my TT , bcz someone may knw my privacy and of coz , my precious master piecessssssssssssssssssssssss.

my little diary ,

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