Friday, February 20, 2009

a life

this post is just for myself to ss,but no doubt , it's a fact indeed.
skip it if u get bored of this post.

my heart melts when i see you smiling,
you're just as sweet as you always be.
i love seeing you doing your works ,
you're just so serious and gorgeous.
i smirk when i see you babbling on your own ,
you're just as cute as you always be.
i am listening seriously when u look me into my eyes and tell me what's going on,
you're just so hard to forget as so with your words.
i would like to release your tiredness when you look so tired,
you're just so adorable.
i would raise a little glimmer smile when you're getting piss off,
you're just like a tom-and-jerry to me.
i will hold you tight when u put your hand on me ,
you're just my anything.

people , do not simply guess the 'you' !!
listening to : hero by enrique iglesias.

i hope you enjoy your time now.

peace ~ ps : i love you

this is my own masterpiece. ps : u coloured my life.


NHui said...
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NH said...

p/s: delete my comment if you want after telling me.

huimei said...

yes... =]
i deleted ald..LOL

n said...

delete both lah! yo! plus delete this too. thanks.