Saturday, February 28, 2009

old town

i am at old town , near sunshine square..
i'm here to celebrate bday (again) with cousin and ah jhu..
they r going to hv their test or exam or wateva..
yes...they r studying rite now just opposite me !
oh wait !!!!!!
i found tat my cousin fall asleep already !
now...he awake ! hahahahaha
and beside him is ah jhu...
she is studying hard , memorizing , babbling and quarelling v my cousin over the pc fair stuff..
oh , she teaches him..hahahahhahahahahaha !!!!
this scene is kinda cute !

i ate 550 , which is nasi lemak rendang..
a cup of white coffee and toast butter n kaya bread..geeez..
oooohh crap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i had forgotten !!
i am still going to hv steamboat with theresa them later ..(to celebrate my bday ) geeez
ohh let's go vomit it out...hiak hiak......

the food in old town is so so only..
tho i ate several times b4 ,still hv no impress feeling toward the food here.. =/

random post , pic will be uploaded tmr or tonight..
bye guys ~~~

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