Thursday, February 26, 2009

class 2009

to all my classmates ,

it happened the day before yesterday..
u all slept in class during the free period , but i was nt ..
i was uhhh...doing hw and reading story book.

what i want to tell u all is ,
i feel like SAYANG u all !!!!!
it's true !! everyone ( okay well , except some ) buried their heads and slept in the class..
this is kinda miracle !
everyone sleep instead of making noice ( which is a lil bit annoying. )
and i felt the tiredness of urs .
u all were like little kiddie..
when u all sleep , u all look adorable and innocent !! yes !! INNOCENT !!!

2nd thing ,
congratulation to us !!
we did well in the performance .
maybe it's nt reli good but there is reli a great great great improvement !
and the comment from puan chan was so unexpectable !! ( as she should scold us but she did nt)
in fact , she laughed a the way when we performed ..
let's work hard for the 2nd performance in april !

full stop.
good luck everyone.

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