Thursday, January 29, 2009


off to theresa's house..
played twister to warm up everything ! LOL ..
so we started to 'lalalilatamPONG' to seperate the groups.*childish huh ! but nice ~ XD
here we started with my haha face . wat esperession was i doing ?!

end up......this is the entangled! gonna slap joel's butt !

then , hiak hiak.....
here we started to gamble...
wah this shi hun !!! win a lot !!!! luckily i didnt lose . LOL

mahjong time..
thx to lek jian !!! so tat game , i won !! somemore full !!! ps : we didnt cheat okay ....

taking photo session .
ying xiu n i
qi and i .. urgh !! i had forgot the ' sweet bye and bye ' ..qi still rmb how to play !! she's d queen of pianist. =D

then , off to 'xuan xin restaurant'
we 'lalalilatamPONG' to see who go by which cars.. =.=
shi hun was with us..he cant stop his ballet's story..geng punya shi hun !! his ballet has reach grade 8

qi maine jian hun mei

me n joel

this dish is '对你不起' .. herrick made's super duper disgusting !!
and dui4 ni3 bu4 qi3...hahahahah !!! we laughed like hell over this phrase!!!
know its meaning ??hahaha

the food there geli....
so dude !! dont go !! it killed my RM32...ughhhh..
walked to metrojaya...
xiu tehresa mei

i just wanted to hug her !! but end up....this is the result..duhhh XD

theresa xiu maine mei qi

joel...he looks so kiam pak !hahahah

mei qi maine lek joel

group photo..yeah..

feel hot we decided to go starbuck .
sit n sembang !!
then we met......................

look at me !! i was juling-ing ppl...god !!! so funny !!

ruan jing tian and i
so tat ended our day.
happy mooo year everyone !
love you guys banyak banyak !
stay tune !
picture is nt complte yet !!


Live Station said...

who is ruan jing tian?

by the way , passed thru that steamboat shop before if i've not mistaken, luckily didnt go in! hahahahahahaha

all the best, and Happy CNY for the rest of this month!

huimei said...

hah thx...
ruan jing tian is a famous actor of taiwan!!!

Anonymous said...

hey...junli here.haha
u guys have lot of fun at there huh
i was so boring at home that day
and i cant going out during these few days
pimples attacking me...

huimei said...

hahah i seee...
go consult a doector for good !!
XD wish u can recover soon. =D