Sunday, January 18, 2009

quick review for 2008

i suddenly miss 2008 a lot.
let's see wat i did in 2008.

library anniversary
the librarian outing we organized

presentation for many many schools

yeah , this is d selangor's sch I THINK

science , this is superb ! wan yi n i took a lotttttttttttttttttof picssssssssss
a lot of taekwondo competitions.proud of all results i got.
ps : i am neither black belt of coz nor white in this pic , but no doubt , the 2 er hermm are. there look so hiao.XD
attending scrabble workshop.granny !!!!
prac basketball b4 competition
competition. yaah.

yes , i bliv i can fly ~~ lol
rock climbing
library anniversary - dance
taekwondo anniversary , didnt involve in d demo but DJ. =D

musical cool

trip to pulau pangkor.
last but nt least.
xmas partay !
it's time to sleep.
night peopuh

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