Friday, January 9, 2009

effective year

school had started days ago , i had prepared for it b4 that . =] doubt , i dun hv any prob for sch.
but this year !! i hate my place in the class !!
it's 1st row and it's beside the door , so girls , u knw how ! the sun light shines is so glaring! and i cant see the blackboard when teachers write on the other side..sigh !

mayb i should say i like every teachers but i love physic teacher ! wink*
oops ! wait...i hate my bio teacher !! nobody can listen to what he says , and he was like just repeating anything ! if so , i can read myself ok !!!! duh !!
no ones knows what is he talking abt and yes !! he's talking to himself and teaching himself ONLY. and u knw what ?! he even talks soooooooooooooo fast like the speed of the la......

for physic teacher .. goooodness !! thanks god tat lao yi didnt tacher us !!
if nt , she will be teaching me 3 years continuosly. THANKS GOD !!
i reli love my phy teacher now ! she explain so so so clearly . this is the most important of coz.and her speaking style and all are not bad . ( u knw , u will fall asleep when some teacher speaking rite ?! )
after finished what she taught , she will ask us to do some exercise ..well ! this is awesome ! she plays the songs for us ! yeah !! gt classic song , rock , r&B , english and chinese.
(play from the computer of course )
so of coz , this is a point too XD !!

for the chem teacher , well..she's good too..unlike last year , the teaccher just keep on bla-ing and asked if there's any prob.if yes , she will scold why dun u listen when i am teaching ? only then , she started to explain. ps: nt loo but er hermmm ok.

so well..
what i know is , i pay attention on every lesson bcz the teachers really teach well.and yes , bcz this year is 2009 ! and spm is waving to me . =D
bye guys ~

work hard for ur aim , enjoy the last year and cherish the time.

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nekdo said...

lol? i tot got tuition can d?
u can take ur ttn like ur going to sch lidat...then sch like ur ttn ma can d lo...then...u must read d chapter b4 ur sch/ttn teacher's classes...

well....those are my conclusions...
after all those mistakes n stupidity that i had done all over the years...