Friday, January 23, 2009

embracing the present.

" i cant live , if living is without you i cant live , i cant live anymore , i cant live ~~~~~~~~~~~~ "
, mariah carey.

yea , this is the song.
brings me lotsa my mr.right , hi !
ha...u still dun show up huh..i've been waiting for who are you ?XD
i want to sing you a 'without you' , can i ? =p
noooo...sing to my own shadow .

i hv to concentrate on my study .. wahhahaa...
i dun need a mr.right right now.
nx time , i will find one who has got the same job with me. cooooool ~~~
and i'm sure it will be like this.
need nt bother for 'him' nawwwww..
since , he's still not appear.

lalalaalala ~~
“就算一人晚餐一人望海我会习惯,两人坐隔中没旁人,我懂欣赏孤与单~~~~~~~~”,linda chung.

destiny is fated , life is a mysteriouos present. =)


魂·失 said... funny la u... xD

huimei said...

huh ??/wat funnyyyyy