Wednesday, June 11, 2008

those stupid 'ah beng'

yesterday went to tuition as usual..
actually i am headache since school gonna dismiss..
but still ..i went to tuition...teeheeee..
after tuition..
i am even worse ...
became so so so headache ok !

but u know wat...
those ah beng in internet cafe sat there keep calling me !!
i am so so so so so so so beh song dee !!
they smoke...
it's non of my business..
but no !!!
i smell the smoke , so IT IS MY BUSINESS !!!

so ok..
no need to cari pasal..
so walk to the other side..
when past by ,
they said :"
leh mak , zi leh cah bo gao lansi , kio ee , ee my cai wang lo ! yao siew !
(leh mak , this girl is so lansi , call her , she dunwan to chap us , yao siew !)
wat the fuck r u all saying ?!
yao siew !!
ok...i think u nvr know wat is the feeling of die !

bcz there is not many student and all of them r girls...
so , i decided to stand them ...
but !! i was so so hot already !

i stand there...
then 1 of those rubbish come n stand beside me..
look at me..
and still...
i dun even bother to just gv a look..
then he came to MY BACK !!! just 1 inch away from me !
WELL !!!

but u know wat...
so , i pretend to call my dad and said:
papa , here are 3 ppl wanna disturb me , want to cari pasal , u faster SEND SOME PEOPLE come.."
ps : my dad is not 黑社会or police .. i use 派 just wanna scared them..
and the rubbish stood just behind me heard and then i think he told his rubbish frens...
so..they went away..

so , done !
mayb nx time they beh song , and ask ppl to beat me up ..=p
i dont care la..
i just know tat i was headache and hot temper ytd ...
but i was way tooo tooo too good in control my emotion...
yeeepeeee ~~~
i just use technique to bluff them...
so wat , if they beat me up ..
i will call
04-2691999 straightly , who scare who !
of coz , i will protect myself b4 polive arrive...
nothing happen yet..
so , dun bother..

internet cafe's ppl always being like a rubbish !
dont say i look down on them..
bcz u must say , I REALLY DO LOOK DOWN ON THEM !

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