Tuesday, June 3, 2008

some picture i like

this is the pic i love the most ! isnt it is so cool ?!

this is wat ppl so-call angel..(sze chuan) ...for some ppl who think u r angel , plz look at the mirror..if u still think u r , then go n bang the wall ...dun make me vomit !

purple sky + stars (venus sky)

the lonely lamp post

the city of romance..i'm loving it

this is so cool ! romantic ..

the pale blue sky with the pale colours rainbow..

somewhere else with this cool colour's sky

huang shan , china .

the no ending journey ...

love sky

think it might be a romantic place

and this..such a cool pic..

the line of evening and night

the cool red bird 为这苍白的景色增添生气

this is a cool scenery

dont you think tat this is so 壮观?

how can the sky be so cool ? i am so in love with the colour


and this...a cool no-ending journey
the dolphin jumps while sunset ..cool !


dabizi said...

omg...... mostly really super nice!!!
those colours of sky...really natural n wonderful
colourful life.....haha

huimei said...
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huimei said...

of coz la..
i choose eh mah..LOL..
if it is not natural and like shit , how can it be part of my blog ?? =p