Saturday, June 21, 2008

the pictures we took when science fair

wan yi n me

wy , me , yl

WOW !!

welcome to PCGHS's toilet


something good...(thief)

yes , am i robery

ready ...1 , 2 , GO !

i wanna close ... no , i dont want ...
ps: wan yi want to see my pass water..LOL

know wat happened ? X)

stupid ! hahaha

prisoner of zenda LOL

pity us

i will win u ..
ps : look at the gun we hold..i am using err...some great gun but she used hand gun only..haha

please dont..

hiak hiak hiak

kick u back


monyet ? hahah


haha !!!!

kiss d flower

wanyi's boat

so , this is my boat..

we spot kiddo

how to smoke ? hm: just like this..XD

i will shoot you ! hahha !!

no !!! help !!

hamster ? monster ?ghost ? XD

why am i look so gong ? like soi kia

after teaching , this is wat we did..LOL



no , sorry ~~

revenge !! hiak hiak hiak

fighting !! cool colour


cool effect huh

so we 3 do enjoyed watching american next top model...

think janet lose when they took this pic , just look at my expression .. how sad !

let's jump !

wat am i looking at ? i look weird

chemist huimei =.=

chemical fight
ps: look at lin hua..XD

here i jump

come i catch ( i will run away when u jump)

wanyi d evil :" just go n wash ut face !"


after playing , we hv to tidy up

we use brush and tong to fight =.=

wan yi is heavy

she didnt carry me at the end

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