Sunday, June 1, 2008

my art work

yesterday played drawing v MT.
she asked me to draw someone,then she said cannot draw nice if using pc..
i said ... i can !
mahuan tua liao..
draw til i nearly die..

i use tat meego's idea..
then draw draw draw ..
*draw til my hands and eyes killing me*
after tat , she said it is so so so cute..
as i say , only i can draw...

so these are wat i drew..
the person she asked me to draw..

after tat , she asked me to draw she n her..

top : this is wat i fool her at the 1st time...
bottom : after tat , let her scold..hahah ! still very
i draw sambil laugh , like mad ppl.. entertaining..but draw another 1..
ps: as i said , i had 4gt wat ur hair look i simply draw this .. eh ! i din draw tat 'c...... head' for u , u must be laughing dee lo ! XD

after tat , i draw another 1...
not them anymore..
left : the 1st one.. right : feel better...LOL
have a nice day !

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