Monday, May 12, 2008

i miss ya i love ya ^^

[this blog is restrict]
[only for the two of you] {dumbo and jumbo}

[here is my words and lame poem] ...

everyday every afternoon or morning ,
get into the bus and go to study .
sit at the back and crap with sayang,
laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh .

3 years time we had been together ,
not last but least .
friendship never change and torn apart ,
be together for the whole life time .

quarrell fighting hate-ness dislike-ness we never had ,
loving liking we had have and will never end .
science stream and commerce ,
make us go apart .

neither the group i join everyday nor friends for 8 years ,
jumbo and dumbo are the only two i trust.
never gossip,
never betray.

do not need to meet each other ,
or sms each other everyday or every month .
our friendship will never end ,
true friend.

no matter it's spring , summer , autumn or winter
yesterday , today , tommorrow
morning or night
and the day we are still alive ,
nothing can break our friendship .

finally ,
i would like to say ,

regard ,
zumbo / huimei d freaking arthur .

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