Saturday, May 24, 2008

funny scolding children

went for lunch just now...
and i suddenly heard a boy crry like hell..
*everyone look at him*
i've to say that..
he is so so so noisy..
his mum scolded him..
but he dun care ..
continue to cry..
then here he came..
his father...
he scolded him so loudly until so many ppl look at them..
he bit him..
like kinda violent...
then his son stop crying...
*save my ears*

after that ,
my mum told me ..
last time when we were young..

my sister...
started to go kindergarten since 3..
1st day...
she cried when my mum sent her there..
she cried cried cried..
when my mum gonna go back ,
my sis chased her and ran into the car...
then my mum sent her in again..
and again..
she chased and ran into car..
my mum angry , she brought her back..
then bit her...*good* =p
and my sis cried again..
and my mum dun care ..
let her stay at the room herself...
as a lesson..
and then..
she dare not repeat it..

my brother..
started to go kindergarten since 3 ..
when my mum sent her to 'lady bird'
and the same..
he cried like hell...
then 'tut tor ka' (hokkien)
means..sit at the floor then his leg like brushing the floor..
hahahha !!!!!
then he cried for 1 week..

my turn..
also started to go kindergarten since 3..
woah !!
surprise !!
my mum said i seldom cry ..
i am so guai..
like ok .. go to kindergarten is such a normal thing..
and so for now..
seldom cry ..
i see....
i am like that since i was young..
good thing..haha..

baby picture will be uploaded if i am free to scan ..

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